Tying Up Loose Ends

“I have never said anything about the New York community that I did not experience personally or could not verify from trusted sources. I realize now that there is nothing left to say, and certainly nothing more to do. I will no longer waste my time, my Potential, in drawing attention to the nonsense they’ve turned what was once such a legendary and inspiring movement into. So hopefully, unless they turn around and do something even more incredibly, mind-blowingly stupid and ridiculous that warrants addressing, this will be the last I speak of them.”


Our Last Curtain Call

“It has been said that rats often flee a sinking ship, but it doesn’t seem that way now. From the top down, all of the fools who lent their support to what the broader vampire subculture has become have damned themselves to a Legacy of shame and disgrace. The sad thing is that none of them appear to care.”

Sanguine Lexicon, Pt. 1

“I am hoping this lexicon inspires those of the Blood to incorporate these magicaklly-charged terms into their vocabulary. The idea of Vampyres having their own equivalent to ‘ebonics’ is very fascinating. My only regret is having turned gaja into an epithet.”

Bloodlines: Goals for the New Sanguine Generation

‘‘We call out to those few young men and women of our Blood to come together so that we might usher in a New Order, a zeitgeist of sorts in which our generation may become newly and graciously aware of its illustrious heritage. In that zeitgeist we, the Children of the Blood, seek to reclaim the lands which bore us and to restore honor and purity to our Fatherland […] In the name of the Ancients and those who came before us do we declare that this great mission is our responsibility, nay, our birthright.’’

Year 23: “Lamentations”

“The year is 1996. The city: New York. Two young Vampyres meet up in the back of Vault nightclub—675 Hudson Street. Beneath the strobing lights, they sat […] Picture it… the Sanguine Patriarchs… In the dark, an alliance is made: more than just the Clan. It is the birth of the Vampyre World…”

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