Tying Up Loose Ends

“I have never said anything about the New York community that I did not experience personally or could not verify from trusted sources. I realize now that there is nothing left to say, and certainly nothing more to do. I will no longer waste my time, my Potential, in drawing attention to the nonsense they’ve turned what was once such a legendary and inspiring movement into. So hopefully, unless they turn around and do something even more incredibly, mind-blowingly stupid and ridiculous that warrants addressing, this will be the last I speak of them.”


Our Last Curtain Call

“It has been said that rats often flee a sinking ship, but it doesn’t seem that way now. From the top down, all of the fools who lent their support to what the broader vampire subculture has become have damned themselves to a Legacy of shame and disgrace. The sad thing is that none of them appear to care.”

Qui Tacet Consentire Videtur, Pt. 3

“How do I conclude an entry like this? I struggle to find the words. But even against all odds, something within me refuses to falter. No matter how hopeless things seem, we all have to try our best to do what’s right for our Vampyre Tribe. The dream is to inspire people, to show others that being a Vampyre is to be true, honest and virtuous… to come together and show people the culture and beauty that was once… the Living Essence of Vampyric culture…”

The Ridiculousness of the OVC (And How to Avoid It!)

“As for this false ‘VC,’ there is little that can be done on the part of the individual other than turn and go back the way you came… Their opinions are uninspired and irrelevant, their arguments are baseless and hypocritical, and they only exist to destroy all that is good, pure and productive… The dumpster fire and all of its swarming cockroaches do not live for pageantry, culture and beauty, only for destruction and decay…”

The Messenger: Lighting the Beacon

“… You’re emitting light into a swamp. The problem isn’t you—the problem is your environment. If you are targeting the OVC you are probably speaking to—or shouting at—a mob that will never resonate with your message for one important reason: they aren’t vampires.”

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