The Ridiculousness of the OVC (And How to Avoid It!)

“As for this false ‘VC,’ there is little that can be done on the part of the individual other than turn and go back the way you came… Their opinions are uninspired and irrelevant, their arguments are baseless and hypocritical, and they only exist to destroy all that is good, pure and productive… The dumpster fire and all of its swarming cockroaches do not live for pageantry, culture and beauty, only for destruction and decay…”


Abandoning the Masquerade: Revisited

“I wasn’t aware that we were the one facet of the neopagan community which willfully encourages delusion and mental illness… Eh. No, we’re not. But that’s beside the point.”

Bloodlines: Goals for the New Sanguine Generation

‘‘We call out to those few young men and women of our Blood to come together so that we might usher in a New Order, a zeitgeist of sorts in which our generation may become newly and graciously aware of its illustrious heritage. In that zeitgeist we, the Children of the Blood, seek to reclaim the lands which bore us and to restore honor and purity to our Fatherland […] In the name of the Ancients and those who came before us do we declare that this great mission is our responsibility, nay, our birthright.’’

Year 23: “Lamentations”

“The year is 1996. The city: New York. Two young Vampyres meet up in the back of Vault nightclub—675 Hudson Street. Beneath the strobing lights, they sat […] Picture it… the Sanguine Patriarchs… In the dark, an alliance is made: more than just the Clan. It is the birth of the Vampyre World…”

The Messenger: Lighting the Beacon

“… You’re emitting light into a swamp. The problem isn’t you—the problem is your environment. If you are targeting the OVC you are probably speaking to—or shouting at—a mob that will never resonate with your message for one important reason: they aren’t vampires.”

So We Begin…

“… ‘Find me a guy that isn’t controversial in some quarter and I’ll show you a guy that hasn’t done a damn thing in his life.’ ”

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