Gnosis: A Brief Note on Vampyre Nobility

“The true Vampyre should strive to embody such noble traits as love and loyalty, honesty and integrity, chivalry, passion, honor and virtue. We should each seek to uphold righteous ideals and to conduct ourselves in a respectful manner. By embracing these traits, we serve to inspire others to carry themselves with grace and grandeur.”

Insight: What is “Vampyre Gnosis?”

“The word gnosis directly implies knowledge that is gained through personal experience and insight—I could not think of a more magickal or Vampyric word, as our world, as celestial beings of this Earth, is defined and seemingly dominated by such knowledge.”

Introduction: Beginning Anew

“Controversy is a part of accomplishment. Find me a guy that isn’t controversial in some quarter and I’ll show you a guy that hasn’t done a damn thing in his life.”

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