Translation: German, “sunset

I’ll be honest—There are times where I sit back and ponder just how much of a situation is worth my time.

You see, Strigoi Vii are not like the drama-feeding energy parasites of the various online or in-person “vampire” wannabe communities. We are taught early on in our path that drama is asarai behavior, the feeding ground of leeches, and should be avoided.

But what of situations that escalate so far, like wildfires burning wildly beyond control, and no one else steps forward or possesses the gumption to speak out against it? In such cases, I believe that the most honorable and valiant thing to do would be to get down in the dirt with the animals in the name of standing up for what’s right—temporary debasement, to be sure, but certainly worth it in the end.

The other option is the one most have taken—to sit back and ignore things, turn a blind eye and allow these situations to fester like weeping, infectious sores, only so that we might point fingers at each other years from now and ask in regret why we all stood idly by, so selfishly, and refused to act—Genovese syndrome of an incredulous scale.

The Legacy of the Current of the Blood will be forever tarnished, and internalized guilt and shame would be the least of our concerns—Wait until we will have to explain our cowardice and ignorance to the next generation who we all so thoroughly failed.

In the Epistle to the Ephesians, it is written:—“Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.”

You notice that within the annals of history, those who seek and expose the truth are celebrated by others of similar spirit—that is, they are respected by others who seek truth and light. Such individuals are reversely decried as blasphemers, traitors and enemies by those whose evil deeds are the ones being exposed. It seems as though everyone loves a hero, a light-bearer, a truth-seeker—so long as that truth does not conflict with the narrative put forth by the “powers that be.”

Sometimes, it isn’t always as simple as the romantic image of the mighty Libertas bearing her torch as she marches forward, the rays of light coming forth to pierce the veil of ignorance, deceit and oppression and illuminate the world. Indeed, the ones who speak truth the loudest end up with the biggest targets on their heads.

I’m not only speaking of myself—Look at my compatriot and inspiration, the Messenger, who has gone above and beyond the call of duty in order to speak for true Vampyres everywhere.

It’s people like us who become the biggest victims, even if we came in knowing that was a possibility, and accepted fate with open arms and nothing to lose. It seems vulgar, then, for those who wish to destroy culture, magick and art and replace it with delusions, role-play and commercialism to turn and play victim when we pierce the veil of their deceit with our lances and they can no longer retain control of the narrative that has so many ignorant people brainwashed.

Previously, I’ve found myself harassed by a cult of role-playing vampire cyber-terrorists who I’ll henceforth refer to as the Scorpions, who may or may not have hacked a phone of mine two years ago but certainly found the time to stage a laughable impersonation of me on some irrelevant website sympathetic to their organization. However, one notices they behave like a nest of hornets—they only ever seem to attack when their cult’s dogma is questioned or to intimidate a person into silence, as has happened to a handful of acquaintances. Regardless of how ridiculous their cult and its claims are, I believe the best course of action in regards to them and their intentional Streisand effect-driven behavior is to leave the lunatic asylum alone and hope that they are decent enough people to live and let live—though it doesn’t seem likely.

On the other hand, I’ve been inundated with more pressing threats of physical harm from the inbred, snaggle-toothed mongrels of the false “Gotham Halo,” the cacophony of cocaine-addicted Club Kids—deluded White Wolf role-players and blood fetishists in reality—who subverted and hijacked the Legacy of the Sabretooth Clan and turned what was once a great city into a cesspool of hedonistic degeneracy led by a home-wrecking harlot and the personality cult of dickless peons living in her shadow.

I’ll have to set aside another post to really get into details on my ongoing struggle with these heathens and why I’ve refused to back down for so long even at the cost of my peace of mind and perhaps even my safety. All I can say for now is that while they may have assumed control over the city, the last thing we will relinquish to them is the narrative, and I am in talks with certain figures at the moment to begin chronicling the true events of history from whence the vampire subculture started here in the 1980s up to its cultural decline beginning in 2008 and its untimely but wholly anticipated death over the summer of this year.

You people need to understand that I’m not an ego-driven person. I don’t do these things, expose these lies and these cults and speak out against falsehoods because I seek anything in return. I personally don’t feel any of you have anything to offer me that I’d want in exchange for this.

I do this for three primary reasons—First and foremost, because everyone else is too goddamned afraid to do it, otherwise too lazy or indifferent. Secondly, because it is the right thing to do. And third, because I refuse to see a future where these cults and societies create more unwilling victims such as myself, scooping up the next sixteen- or eighteen-year old searching for true magick or Vampyrism and being brainwashed by a cult of clowns in costumes.

Indeed, so desperate are these phonies in New York City to maintain control over the narrative that they’ve taken to trolling my social media for posts and ideas and publicly claiming to do the exact opposite, now suddenly and abruptly displaying a very transparently false interest in magickal practice, even right down to a half-assed attempt at a Blood & Roses handfasting ceremony between the presumed Queen of Gotham (remember: the old king’s favourite and ascended concubine) and her latest victim.

Chapter 3, verses 19 through 21 of the Gospel According to John read as follows:—

“And this is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. For every one who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.”

It brings me great comfort and solace to know that others are beginning to see what I have seen. There are others from within the false Halo and outside of it who are also beginning to address the issues that the otherwise lazy and incompetent “Pillars of Gotham” either outright ignore or unabashedly encourage. Even the Alpha himself sympathizes with our plight all the way from the West Coast, though he wishes to have no part. He and his Sabretooth Clan continue to pave the way for truth, honor, Love and Loyalty within the Vampyre Current and I trust that, while I don’t agree with all the tenets and philosophies of his tribe, the future of Vampyre and Legacy culture is safe in their hands.

As for the next generation, don’t think us hopeless, dejected and defeated just yet. Many of us, not just myself, have been working stealthily in the shadows to build something “for us, by us,” a new community which will bring together others of like minds, inspire ideals such as honor and integrity and unity within the hearts of the more metaphysically-minded youth of this once-great city.

There is hope on the horizon, and we have the blessings of, among others, some of the oldest and most well-respected Vampyre elders, even some that predate Sabretooth and the Legacy entirely. We are confident that we must build the change we hoped to see within other communities who rejected culture, civility and dignity in place of their abject philistinism.

We must set aside deep-rooted feelings of sentimentality over history and a romanticized past if we are ever going to accept the truth and reality for what it is and shape it into what it ought to be. Threats of violence and other foolish behavior chronicled for all the world to see, including media and law enforcement, will be the Legacy of the false Halo, but not ours, and so, too, will be their other savage and uncivilized behaviors.

They may have strength in their numbers through their years of brainwashing and cult-like behavior, their “But you want to stay” mentality, their feigned peace and false unity, their kings that expect obeisance for allowing a city to be run into the ground and princes that treat their food as equals—but what we have is much greater.

In seeking quality over quantity, we have the greatest gift and the greatest power besides the true magick that courses through our veins, and that is a strong and unwavering faith in each other, our mission and our dream for this city.

Ashé, my people.

In Love and Loyalty.

Eternally yours,
In the Blood,
Vincent Irkalla, 22:39, 7 Aug, SY 23


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