The Ridiculousness of the OVC (And How to Avoid It!)

©2009, Sanguinomicon: The Vampyre Lexicon (version 3.0)

Not soon after I posted the interpolated excerpt from my Bloodlines manifesto online, someone decided to share it with the so-called “vampire” community online. It appeared to be a gesture of good faith on his part, as the poster had expressed his desire to see a society constructed in real life like the one described in the essay.

Unfortunately, this fellow forgot, as many of us do, that the “VC” is no place for intellect, high standards, decency or culture.

Let us break down what this so-called “vampire” community is, and where it is exactly that honest Vampyres such as myself and my associates verge to the left.

B.I.D. (Breaking It Down)

What we call the “vampire” community is a misnomer, because for the thousands of individuals claimed to associate with it, not even a fraction of them are actually Vampyric. A majority of those within this false “vampire” community are what we refer to collectively as gaja, pretenders who attempt to pass themselves off as the vampires from fiction and film and by far one of the loudest and most radical sects within the online “vampire” community.

Gaja are the ones you typically see prostituting themselves on reality shows encouraging unsafe sexual practices involving some form of blood fetishism, or claiming to be a descendant of an ancient bloodline from before the Great Pyramids were built. Gaja, in essence, are mentally ill or deluded individuals who have a very difficult time distinguishing between reality and their ego-driven fantasies. It is generally agreed that if they were to be deprived of their fictitious vampire identity, their mental state would be thrown into even further imbalance.

The next large group within the false “vampire” community are what we have termed asarai, meaning sick men. The asarai is an etheric parasite, the kind of individual cautioned against in books such as Dion Fortune’s Psychic Self-Defense, Anton LaVey’s Satanic Bible and Joe H. Slate’s Psychic Vampires. Many claim to bear some manner of “damaged energy body,” a claim that can occasionally be verified in person by those well-versed in energy work. This alleged damage leads them to sadomasochistically “feed” in a manner similar but not identical to the true Vampyre or Strigoi Vii, however this feeding is to compensate for the frequent loss of vital energy.

The asarai is an autoparasite, meaning it feeds predominantly on its own kind: humans. The vital energies generated by animals, plants and other sources simply do not suffice—this parasite must feed on the most dangerous game. The manner in which they feed is even less honorable and more revolting, as they have turned the online “vampire” community into a veritable golden circle. Like promiscuous schoolgirls, they feed from drama and attention. Social media within the “vampire” community is inundated with this kind of behavior, and those who debase themselves to enter into debate with this vermin only damn themselves to endless cyclical arguments which never, ever end.

These two groups make up the so-called “vampire community,” which we of the Blood sometimes refer to as the “OVC,” or the “other” vampire community. The Living Vampyre and Strigoi Vii take great pains to distance ourselves from these inbred savages and their shameful, primitive behavior, and tend to go our own way and form learned societies of our own. The Sanguinarium, where the “vampire” community stole most if not all of its structure, prose and lexicon, was one past example. Clan Sabretooth is one other. Of course, there are smaller, lesser-known groups that also practice Living Vampyrism and encourage the creation of art, beauty and culture instead of lowering themselves to the standards of the raging dumpster fire we call the “VC.”

Back to Basics

My associates and I follow the philosophy of Living Vampyrism, and the path of Strigoi Vii. The distinction is quite necessary because there are many people out there, both just generally online or within the so-called “vampire” community and those who follow my online presence, who might be confused to learn that all Strigoi Vii are Vampyres, but not all Vampyres are Strigoi Vii. The philosophy of Living Vampyrism is the ideological and philosophical soil upon which the mysteries of Strigoi Vii thrive. Living Vampyrism, however, is regarded as mostly secular, a celebration of life that should be lived in pageantry, beauty and decadence. Living Vampyrism is the Dayside. By contrast, the Strigoi Vii mysteries are the Nightside, the esoteric counterpart to Living Vampyrism in which ritual and mysticism are encouraged. The common ground, of course, is using the archetype of the Vampyre for personal empowerment, but it is done in a respectable and proper way, very much unlike the sadomasochism, blood fetishism and dissociative identities of the “vampire” community.

Taking this “all Fraggles are Muppets but not all Muppets are Fraggles” concept into consideration, one can see that the idea of “true” Vampyrism might be subjective, but the realities of Living Vampyrism are there for those with brains and eyes to see. I personally lean more towards the mysticism of Strigoi Vii, hence why I agitate more for ritual and spirituality than other voices within the broader vampire subculture.

As I have previously touched upon in another article, the coalescence of the vampire subculture was encouraged early on with the assistance of a tabletop role-playing game called Vampire: the Masquerade. Many of the self-professed “vampires” within the false “vampire” community came to identify as “vampires” only after inspiration from this game, an interesting spin on the fundamentalist Christian conspiracy theory that Dungeons & Dragons led players to devil worship. Many of these self-professed “vampire” role-players can still quote the game’s mechanics as though they were still teens in 1994, even though they themselves may now be in their forties.

By such individuals, I was accused of appropriating terminology from this franchise that I am not in the slightest familiar with. I was slightly hurt and taken aback by this, then decided to do a bit of research into the game itself. What I know of the game in general comes from frequent Google searches and hours reading the contents of fandom Wikia pages. Because the “VC” is incapable of creating culture on its own, it primarily appropriated concepts from this game.

However, the “VC” seems incapable also of acknowledging that words can also exist in dictionaries and other books they likely have never read.

Culture Shock

Why I entitled the essay (and the unpublished manifesto) Bloodlines was primarily due to the word’s flexibility. The word “Blood” with a capital B refers to the Current or collective “spirit” of all Living Vampyres. Similar concepts in history include the Japanese yamato-damashii or minzoku and the German volksgeist. Blood in its corporeal form might make up a “family,” but to us of the Current who come from across the nation and around the world, corporeality in regards to biological consanguinity is irrelevant. A bloodline, on the other hand, indicates lineal descent from a common ancestor. To the more tribal or feudal sects of the Family, this might be the founding Fathers.

Thus, the title Bloodlines was meant to inspire an acknowledgement of, and a love and appreciation for, the community and culture which bore us, that which the “VC” may never have existed without, and that, of course, is the Sanguinarium. The Sanguinarium, as an esoteric concept, is not an establishment or an organization, rather this “guild of the Blood,” or ketsumeidan (Blood fraternity) was where the seeds of Living Vampyrism and Strigoi Vii sprouted from, away from the fetishistic hedonism that had plagued the vampire subculture and “vampire” community since its early days.

The “VC” is incapable of creating, processing or comprehending high culture, and therefore seeks to snuff it out wherever possible—the intolerance of Sabretooth Clan’s pageantry, for example, while by contrast they promote and even idolize such distasteful cancer as the “vampire” fetishists of the Court of Austin. Almost any thread within the VC’s online sanctums is infested with counter-cultural, anti-intellectual garbage to the point where the VC seems as hopeless as it probably is.

The most well-known landfill in which this dumpster fire lives is the Vampire Community News group on Facebook. When not glamorizing mental illness or fetishizing fictional delusions, it is usually a hotbed of parasites and masochists starting drama for drama’s sake over whose plagiarized vampire cult is more legitimate than theirs, which LARPing King or Queen blood fetishist is better than yours… You get the point.

I personally rather miss the days when “news” meant current events—the foundation of respectable Courts, not personality cults; the encouraging of polite and orderly debate, not raging flame wars.

I also rather miss the lurid tabloid headlines of “Malawi government lynched for colluding with ‘vampires,’ ” as that was a hell of a lot more interesting and far more enriching than a bunch of bored housewives bashing the white boy in the cowboy hat.

Group or Groupthink?

In its discordance and chaos, I find it remarkable, from an intellectual’s perspective, that even as the false “vampire” community of VCN attack each other for the downright most ridiculous things, they have an amazing sense of unity when it comes to attacking something external—something like culture. This is why many groups of Discordants, or krere, find a home within VCN, the bastion of ignorance and cultural decay. Blood Nations is one example, a conglomerate of role-players, fetishists and washed-up club performers who have banded together in their collective hatred, spite and jealousy of the aforementioned cowboy hat.

The administrators of the Facebook group are inept and lazy, and usually go on to perpetuate the exact varieties of cancer that I once believed were beneath even them. I remember when I first ventured into VCN as a Seeker and immediately being inundated with such vitriolic drama and nonsense that I felt as though I was dropped in the middle of the Second Intifada. Back then, the admins made some kind of effort to moderate discussion ever so slightly. Now, in the span of maybe three years, they appear to have let the inmates overtake the asylum.

I find myself an unwilling participant in their nonsense only because my Bloodlines article was shared within the group, and the only way one can leave comments or feedback is to be a member of the group.

The people who spend the most time there and have the most to say are usually the ones who have contributed the least to the broader vampire subculture overall. One individual continues to scream into the void the same handful of baseless, slanderous accusations against a former associate that no one takes seriously except, perhaps, a team of attorneys. Another reproduced a nearly decade-old article of similarly outdated and baseless allegations as though anybody actually cared to read it. I had my work and rhetoric critiqued by a few representatives of an online gang of cyber-thugs from a well-known vampire cult, as well as being called a Nazi by some SJW who displays her own ethnic heritage quite proudly but goes into a tailspin over the idea of Vampyres having their own culture.

The idea of the foppy, gay Spanish boy from Brooklyn being a Nazi is just as laughable as it sounds. Been there, done that, Becky.


Preferring to air out my grievances in a civil manner without being impeded upon, as I’m able to do here on my blog, I can only say that the best way to avoid the scourge of false “vampires” and their gangrenous dumpster fire of a community is to simply avoid places where they gather. That Facebook group is just one place out of dozens, perhaps hundreds, and I personally don’t believe social media is the best place to discuss Living Vampyrism and other respectable paths, anyway.

When it comes to culture and esotericism, I have always found it best to hold conversations face-to-face, whether in groups or one-on-one. Living in New York City, I can afford such luxuries. Unlike the trolls and parasites of the VC who only exist online, Living Vampyres usually make an attempt to find others of like mind where they live and work, what we Strigoi Vii refer to as the Quest of the Family.

Shifting the focus of my blog to a more intellectual, cultured perspective that clearly flies over the heads of many in the “VC,” I personally maintain close ties offline with those who also follow the path of Strigoi Vii and Living Vampyrism and reject the role-playing S&M fetishism of the krere tribe. My mutual exchange with them, in turn, inspires me to advance the Sanguine collective and Blood Current through my infrequent publications. My writings are meant only for, and can only be understood by, those of a certain intellect and mindset that truly is only found among Living Vampyres.

As for this false “VC,” there is little that can be done on the part of the individual other than turn and go back the way you came. Unlike parasites in the medical world, which cannot be ignored and must be treated and removed by specialists, the asarai can be safely ignored without harm coming to you or your peace of mind. Their opinions are uninspired and irrelevant, their arguments are baseless and hypocritical, and they only exist to destroy all that is good, pure and productive.

The dumpster fire and all of its swarming cockroaches do not live for pageantry, culture and beauty, only for destruction and decay. Turn instead towards improving yourself and those around you by contributing something to your local Nightside community, hosting dinner parties, holding rituals and Red Masses, taking trips to a local museum, and encouraging creativity, culture and art.

We are Strigoi Vii, Living Vampyres! Live!

Eternally yours, in the Blood,
Vincent Irkalla, 6 Feb, SY 23


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