Bloodlines: Goals for the New Sanguine Generation

It is the mission of the Children of the Blood to seek out others of our Vampyric Current, and bring them together into one Family. It is this mission, which is our birthright as dictated by the Ancients, that drives us to attempt to restore honor and integrity to the fallen nation of Gotham Halo and beyond, in order that our reunited brothers and sisters may have somewhere to truly call home.

We may not succeed, but let it be known to the world that we put this dream before all else.

When it comes to this mission, we ask for the blessings of our forebears, but not explicitly their permission, as this is something that must be done unquestionably for the sake of our great Sanguine Tribe. Disasters befall mighty nations like ours when its denizens become decadent and lazy, or when we attempt to erase or forget our past and do so much injustice to those who came before us. In simpler terms, it is divine punishment. We are grateful to the few true Elders of ours—those Adra who genuinely sacrificed and gave of themselves—for having created a culture we may all share and building a community within which we all might live, but now the young Blood must carry the torch into the future if we hope to save our Fatherland and our Legacy from a long and painful demise.

We now have an unparalleled opportunity
to rebuild our nation and the values of our peoples,
rejuvenating our great Tribe.

To achieve that end, we seek the construction of a high, cultured, sovereign society reserved for the future of our brethren in the Blood, or what might be otherwise called a society “for Vampyres, by Vampyres.” This sovereign society must be one which is steadfast in its consanguinity, unity and fraternity and based around the collective History, Ideals, Covenants, Ritual and Traditions of the Sanguinarium, the eternal brotherhood of Vampyrekind. That construction may start with a Guild, a Clutch, a House or even a Court, but it must start somewhere.

The gaja—those to whom the “vampire lifestyle” is nothing more than an aesthetic identity or sexual fetish which they broadcast to the hubriati to gawk at—are not included in this Vampyre society, since they are not in any way truly of the spiritual, metaphysical or ideological Blood Current of the Family. They already possess their own community, which they have confusingly labeled the “vampire community,” though it contains admittedly few true Strigoi Vii. We must have separation and self-determination for those who are truly of the Blood, to whom tradition, philosophy and ritual are more important than costumes, bad music and watered-down alcohol. Our Current is not a game or a lifestyle, but a Path and Way of Living.

It must be acknowledged that what separates the awakened, learned Strigoi Vii (Vampyre) from the costumed humans, and the plethora of deluded role-players and online pretenders, is the appreciation of culture, tradition, ritual, pageantry and mysticism. Thus, institutions must exist which provide the cultural, philosophical and spiritual enrichment upon which our Tribe thrives. Creativity and innovation must always be nurtured and encouraged, and must always be put before trivial vices such as the counter-productive hedonism, decay and sexual depravity bred by the unregulated cavorting of the so-called “scenes” of the false “vampire community”, which have become like stagnant swamps breeding mosquitoes. As Vampyres, we must create culture, not simply copy it.

Culture and creativity must be encouraged to flow like a great river, and we must nurture the talents of our Ramkht and Kitra brothers and sisters so that they may produce fine art, literature, dance, music and ritual that appeals to our Vampyric sensibilities and further refines our culture.

Part spirit and part flesh, Vampyres walk in both worlds at once.
We are both darkness and light, destruction and creation.
We are creatures of night and day,
and must always encourage balance and equilibrium
within our society.

It is apparent that by learning from the mistakes of the past and moving past them, we can guide the Vampyre World into a new age. Thus, truly what we seek is not a revival of the original Sanguinarium but a modern re-imagining of this inspirational era which—while not without controversy in its own right—succeeded in producing a unique Vampyre culture which has been stolen, re-branded, bastardized and appropriated by various groups the world over, especially by this so-called “vampire” community of role-players, fetishists and parasites which primarily exists online. Even those primitive, simple folk see the elegance and purity of our Family traditions, though they are only able to pay tribute to us through disrespect and hostility.

Our Sanguine culture, born from the rites and traditions of the original Sanguinarium, is the bond which unites our Tribe. As such, the new society we seek to inspire must have an appropriate educational standard relative to our own kind, one which fosters a sense of Sanguine identity and institutes respect for Sanguine history, culture and traditions by embracing our history and lineage with pride and opposing narratives perpetuated by Krere—Discordants, enemies of our Family—that encourage a destructive, masochistic view of our own history.

We must be firm in our unity and consanguinity to defend our society from deleterious outside influences and threats. Discordants, enemies of peace, are like a cancer in the body which is our Family, and must be eradicated in order to retain the sanctity of our Tribe. Our collective self-defense, therefore, must rely upon the combined strength of all loyal Sanguines, united in their Blood. The front lines must be manned by our Mradu knights and warriors, led into battle by our Ramkht strategists and scribes, and supported unequivocally by our Kitra counselors and Swans. By their selflessness and sacrifice, as protectors of the Realm, they will have the respect of the Family.

Our lands must not know strife or confusion, and we must remain fiercely loyal to our own. Values such as unity, solidarity and family are the sword with which we will defeat the disease of ego and narcissism—the edorsia—that has enslaved many of our forebears and instead foster a culture of peace, love and brotherhood.

Sanguine ankhs on bronzed chests,
fangs bared and sharp,
we would declare war against all enemies of peace.
Our unity is not a “project,” it is an obligation.

We call out to those few young men and women of our Blood to come together so that we might usher in a New Order, a zeitgeist of sorts in which our generation may become newly and graciously aware of its illustrious heritage. In that zeitgeist we, the Children of the Blood, seek to reclaim the lands which bore us and to restore honor and purity to our Fatherland, which is called by the name of Gotham Halo. In the name of the Ancients and those who came before us do we declare that this great mission is our responsibility, nay, our birthright.

The current state of the Vampyre World is the end result of a decade of cultural and spiritual decay. We must look inwardly and recognize our highest values and ideals, as they will sustain our survival as a Family.

This mission can only be fulfilled by
thinking and acting with our Blood, so to speak,
to preserve the vital Vampyric consciousness that remains
our steadfast sacred rock of Sanguine pride.

Excerpt from, “Bloodlines: A Manifesto for the New Sanguine Generation,”
Own writing, S.Y. 23
All rights reserved.


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