Asarai: The “Sick Men of Gotham”

“Of all the vilest creatures on this plane of existence are the ‘asarai,’ who according to the esoteric tradition are known as psychic vampires… The asarai are a plague to our Family, sometimes even more than the fundamentalist movements of many major real world religions.”
Sanguinomicon Book I: Liber Jahira (unreleased)

One thing that many forget about such a “diverse” so-called “community” is that the greatest threats can come from within. The toxic, egalitarian mindset of the broader “vampire” community—in which any and all who identify with the term vampire for even the most trivial of reasons is considered equal—has brought upon us a scourge that is a greater risk to Our way of life than even Clan Sabretooth Alpha’s patronizing Buzzfeed minstrelsy.

No, truly, the most degenerate scum of the earth has a name: asarai, the etheric parasite, the psychic vampire.

First used in English in 1539, the word parasite comes from the Medieval French parasite, from the Latin parasitus, the latinisation of the Greek παράσιτος (parasitos), “one who eats at the table of another” and that from παρά (para), “beside, by” + σῖτος (sitos), “wheat”, hence “food”.

Source: Wikipedia

Like the true Vampyres of the planet Earth who are indistinguishable from their prey, the hyle, the asarai are nearly indistinguishable from Us except for very subtle differences that are obvious to the Initiated. Some asarai are of the Blood, while others are nothing more than energy parasites appropriating Vampyric feeding techniques to deal with their “affliction”, which they label an “energy deficiency.” As is well-known, the true Vampyre is not like these bottom-feeders. We Strigoi Vii feed because we are predators. We exist at the top of the food chain, primordial spiritual beings who require the living bio-energy we do in order to compensate our higher vibratory forms being condensed into these weak and malleable human flesh suits.

Some asarai are, as I noted, of the Blood Current which distinguishes true Vampyres from other pretenders, who squander this beautiful gift We are given by behaving in ways suited better for conventional parasites: mosquitoes, ticks, bed bugs, vultures, horse leeches and other dishonorable beasts. Such individuals often proclaim themselves as “Elders” within the “vampire” community, using their various Sanguinary abilities to manipulate their way into positions which they want to assume. Here in New York City, the “Gotham Halo”, many asarai have fraudulently assumed Eldership to gratify themselves and keep others down. One might think of them as similar to the reptilian Skeksis from the Jim Henson film The Dark Crystal: narcissistic, cannibalistic and sociopathic cut-throat creatures without honor, hissing and snarling and waiting for the next one to drop dead.

“These individuals see [Vampyrism] in theory… as an explanation for an energy deficiency, which could be more of a psychological excuse for some sort [of] mental lacking, or need for acceptance than an actual spiritual hunger… Most asarai… simply have not gone beyond a theory and have no true results in practice…”

Sanguinomicon Book I: Liber Jahira (unreleased)

It viscerally disgusts me, as it should any self-respecting Vampyre, to be in the presence of or even hear spoken the name of any asarai. It is problematic that they occupy as much of the broader “vampire” community as they do. Many Mradu within the Family have been very blunt in saying the asarai should be purged and disposed of, but there are few ways to do so without breaking any human laws.

It has little to do with morality, only that prison is an undesirable place to be.

Like cockroaches, they are everywhere—a group of Discordants present in New Orleans formerly dedicated to the subversion and eradication of the Gotham Legacy is largely made up of asarai, including their matriarch, an individual considered by many to be a back-stabbing, narcissistic and misandrist parasite. Many House Elders here in the Gotham Halo are asarai, as well, and asarai make up the ranks of not only these Houses, but the broader “vampire” community overall, which has always shown itself to be a stagnating swamp of parasites.

The idea of physically dispatching asarai—while certainly appealing—is difficult and impractical. Asarai can be dealt with other ways, the first and most common method simply being to ignore them.

I myself was once preoccupied with the antics of a handful of asarai here in New York City, who had variously made it their business to rail me on social media, calling me “worthless,” “a waste of time,” and “irrelevant” for the work I was doing online.

As you may have already seen, in today’s “vampire” community, the modern asarai primarily exists online; thus, the most damaging thing you can do to them is to ignore them. They will persist in their shameful and repugnant behavior in order to illicit some sort of acknowledgement from you before giving up and moving on to another host victim from which they can feed upon.

As for my experiences with the aforementioned individuals, I found that ignoring them was the best course of action so long as nothing they do is outwardly and obviously dangerous to the community. One asarai in particular has proclaimed on multiple occasions that they care nothing for the local community, even if they are impulsively driven to “throw shade” at every given opportunity. Another asarai I just found easier to block on social media—which is the simplest method of pest control, since again, the asarai within the community live primarily online.

Offline, and outside of the “vampire” community, asarai have been documented by experts in the fields of metaphysics and parapsychology such as Joe Slate, author of Psychic Vampires: Protection from Energy Predators & Parasites, and Barbara E. Hort, author of Unholy Hungers: Encountering the Psychic Vampire in Ourselves and Others. The asarai is often referred to in more secular circles as the “psychological vampire.” Slate, a licensed psychologist with a PhD from the University of Alabama and professor emeritus of psychology at Athens State University, describes a relative who mastered the siphoning of energy from young men in order to maintain her own youth. Hort takes her exposure of the sociopathic nature of the asarai even further, her book Unholy Hungers describing a, “blood-soaked trail to such unexpected destinations as The Silence of the Lambs, Snow White, and the Broadway musical Gypsy.” The most common prey for the asarai are humans, particularly gullible humans, who often become host victims for the asarai, stuck in physically abusive or emotionally manipulative relationships, conned out of finances or simply drained of their bio-energy until the host victim is little more than a destroyed and hollow shell. As a result, methods to dispatch asarai have been devised, particularly through the use of crystals and meditation.

Collectively, asarai can be dangerous. Although in the animal kingdom it is impractical to the nature of the parasite to congregate, these are thinking animals who will just as easily leech onto a human, a Vampyre or even another asarai in order to achieve some predetermined goal. The asarai are adelphoparasites. As previously mentioned, domestic relationships are a fairly common way for the asarai to sink their teeth into an unsuspecting host victim, whether the asarai is a spouse, a family member, an acquaintance or even an employer. But in large groups, the asarai form a veritable black hole that consumes everything in its path. Slate has described such a phenomenon as collective vampirism, which is when a literal corporation develops asarai-like qualities, Shell, Exxon, the Republican Party of the United States, the International Monetary Fund, Monsanto and the House of Windsor being just a handful of examples. The previously mentioned Discordant group of New Orleans is one example from within the “vampire” community, with another example being a small but controversial self-proclaimed “Ordo” which made its rounds about the community this past summer. Nigerian jazz musician Fela Kuti’s 1979 song I.T.T., specifically its Broadway re-imagining by Sahr Ngaujah, is little more than a description of the asarai horde put to song.

Asarai give true Vampyres a bad name; indeed, there was a time where those of the Blood Current would refer to themselves variously as vampyres, strigoi vii, energy workers, or simply of the Blood in order to distant ourselves from the so-called feeders. We once even had to distance ourselves from the term vampire, and some still may feel to do so now, simply because the asarai has become, or perhaps always has been, the public face of the so-called “psychic vampire.”

They are parasites of the lowest order. They are not our brothers, they are not of our Family. They are vermin which needs to be excised from our communities. This essay may have been titled Sick Men of Gotham, but truly they exist everywhere, like cockroaches, and must be regarded as such. My Brothers and Sisters of the Blood, be on your guard!

A scan of the chapter, “Asarai and Traditional Psychic Vampires,” from Sanguinomicon Book I: Liber Jahira/©1997—2005 Rakasha Books

Image credit: modified image from Fist of Fury/The Chinese Connection (1972)
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