So We Begin…

Alternate title: Oh, Shit, He’s Back!

Vampyrism is about transcendence. It’s about evolution. And over the last year, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect upon my own evolution. Opinions I’ve espoused even just a few months ago, I no longer agree with. People I once found myself allied with, I now set my face against, or they set their faces against me. I have loved and lost many who I should never have loved at all. But I’ve grown from my experiences.

I’ve also come to learn that there is much more to being a true Vampyre than just feeding, and even ritual or spirituality. It’s a whole mindset, a philosophy, a way of life with its own unique culture and values. We’ve got our own history, however obscured it may have become over the years. It became my goal, then, to learn as much about our history as possible, from the books written at the time and the people who wrote them. It became my goal to learn from the people who lived it.

It all started when I was taught the history of the New York City Vampyre community, the so-called Gotham Halo Vampyre Network.

Before I begin to stray from the current dialogue with wet, sparkling eyes and fluttering heartbeat, carelessly romanticizing the Belle Epoque of Vampyre history, I will say, in short, that my view of Vampyrism as a practice, as a spiritual path, is forever changed. For many of us, this is where it all began.

The books that were written, the websites published, the documentaries filmed—this was where the so-called “vampire community” of today saw its rise. Even patronizing minstrel shows like Syfy’s Mad Mad House contributed to that rise, where now the archetypal vampire has become so palatable to the human dross that thousands the world over seek to imitate us, seek to be Us!

To know it all began here in my hometown, New York City, gosh, is it a humbling thought! I’m brought to tears just thinking about it.

Rather than restart the PR disaster that was Arcane Ramblings, I decided to start anew, start fresh, with blunt, honest content that allows a look into Vampyre Reality through my eyes, to travel through the Vampyre World in my military-grade combat boots. Through my many connections both here in New York City and abroad, I was given access to libraries once thought destroyed, information once thought lost forever, books so thoroughly forgotten that to mention their names to their authors prompts a startled jolt and a foggy gaze as if waking an opium addict.

For one such as myself who initially thought all hope lost—surrounded at home by uneducated, role-playing idiots in garish costume, hounded online by inferiority complex-stricken energy parasites pretending to be “vampires”—to learn that there once was a true “community,” a real, established culture, to know that there was a time when one could call oneself a Vampyre with pride, oh, what a feeling! It is as indescribable as receiving an angelic vision from the heavens, as indescribable as the climax of sexual union, as indescribable as pure bliss…

Now, look at the so-called “vampire community” of today, overrun with cults, with pedophiles and sexual deviants, with satanists and etheric parasites, with charlatans, shameless thieves, blood fetishists, mentally ill and deluded role-players, and many more undesirables than this run-on sentence can possibly fit.

Then look upon the community of yesteryear, or at least the romanticized image of what could have been—a strong, family-like community that held fast to its Traditions, Ideals and Values and its beautiful and inspiring Culture, our weaving Kitra counselors, our mighty Mradu warriors, our scholarly Ramkht priests—the three Roads furthering our Current, the manifestation of our unique and amazing Vampyre Culture.

There are many reasons why this once-mighty Nation fell, but what is more important is educating others about the achievements of this exceptional epoch, and inspiring others to follow in its footsteps. Not to replicate as some have tried (and failed), but to reflect, build and look towards the future. To pay homage to those who gave their Blood, and some their very lives, for us to be able to call ourselves Vampyres. And perhaps, if we persevere and focus our Vampyric intent, we might one day see a sort of revival, a Vampyric Renaissance, a Sanguine Revolution, the furthering of the Sanguinary Current among the present generation of Vampyres and the next.

This is my dream. This is my Mission. This is where I focus my Intent.

So we begin. As always, there will be those who disagree with me, who will slander me and seek to tear me down. After a year, I’m used to it. For we have seen that the strongest, truest voices in the world always create enemies—such is why Christ found his end upon a bloody Cross, and the lives of the heroes of the last centuries went out in a hail of gunfire. But as former Nebraska state senator John W. DeCamp once said, “Controversy is a part of accomplishment. Find me a guy that isn’t controversial in some quarter and I’ll show you a guy that hasn’t done a damn thing in his life.”

Are you prepared? Take my hand, take a look through my Vampyre eyes into the world that Once Was. Perhaps what it could once again be, one day, if we truly desire it, truly work for it.

In the Blood,
Vincent Irkalla
S.Y. 23


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