Insight: A Note on Vampyre Nobility

“Nobility is a responsibility to be upheld by sincerity in thought and action. The learned Sanguine who embraces civility, respect, class and honor are the most honest-to-God kings and queens that can be said to exist.”


Sanguine Lexicon, Pt. 1

“I am hoping this lexicon inspires those of the Blood to incorporate these magicaklly-charged terms into their vocabulary. The idea of Vampyres having their own equivalent to ‘ebonics’ is very fascinating. My only regret is having turned gaja into an epithet.”

Qui Tacet Consentire Videtur, Pt. 3

“How do I conclude an entry like this? I struggle to find the words. But even against all odds, something within me refuses to falter. No matter how hopeless things seem, we all have to try our best to do what’s right for our Vampyre Tribe. The dream is to inspire people, to show others that being a Vampyre is to be true, honest and virtuous… to come together and show people the culture and beauty that was once… the Living Essence of Vampyric culture…”

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